I have known Wendy Brownlee for the past 8 years.  She has a reputation of responsibility and integrity in the equestrian industry.  She has a successful equine training business due to the fact she cares about the horses’ welfare as well as the owner/riders’ welfare.  I have worked with her for many years, and based on the quality of care of the horse and rider, I have chosen to put my own horses in her training program.

Her teaching program for young people is second to none and that is why my daughter trains with her.

Kristan Purcell DVM

 I have been a client of Ms. Brownlee for over 10 years. Brownlee Equestrian has a name and a reputation in the industry that is second to none.

Wendy’s style of training both horse and rider is hugely successful. This has allowed me to become a more accomplished rider. Pair that with the numerous accolades we have won together over the years and Brownlee Equestrian has increased the values of every horse I had trained there. As a business owner Wendy is about as hard working and dedicated as they come.

In addition to a very successful high level training and show program, Brownlee Equestrian is also well known as the place to go for children and novice riders entering the sport. In fact my own daughter Lena trained many years with Wendy.

I have nothing but the highest respect and regard for her. I would not want to have my beloved animals under the care and guidance of anyone else and I would follow her anywhere.

Ann- Sofie Andrews

“Brownlee Equestrian has been a haven of high caliber riding, friendly camaraderie and talented horsemanship for me for many years.  I am proud to say I ride with Wendy and her assistant trainers”

Landess Witmers

Publisher of Petfolio Magazine and lifelong horse rider

“Wendy is a treasure.  Her most valuable skill to me as a “horse mom” is that she treats each rider as an individual and works to coach them in the most effective way possible to bring out the best.  True with horses also.  If you want a positive place to learn with high standards, this is your barn.”

Helen Clark

Appreciative Mom

“I have been riding with Wendy Brownlee since I was around eight or nine years old.   It has been an incredible experience.  She is an amazing trainer with exceptional horsemanship skills.  Wendy is always there for you to succeed and gives everything for your goals to be accomplished.  Brownlee Equestrian is like a home to me, and my fellow team mates are so supportive and caring; it is like one big family here.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without Wendy.”

Kelsey Thoms